How We Work

We set up lines of communications with our clients, including phone and
email contact with the decision maker on your end.

clarify your needs and preferences, and other details of your project.
We ask you to send us whatever information (i.e. photos, wording, samples
or examples, etc.) you may have at this point to help this critical process.

We offer
guidance — if and when needed— regarding your project description,
parameters, styling, content, or other details.

We start by
submitting design drafts for your review and rely on your
important feedback.

We make
refinements based on your feedback, and repeat this step as necessary
until the project is complete. We have you carefully check our proofs and clearly
give us your corrections, adjustments, likes and dislikes. Remember, the design
process often includes seeing things that you may not like to help you to better
get in touch with what do you like.

deliver on a timely schedule. Upon final approval, we’ll ship your artwork
to you and/or your printer or publication.