Contract Manufacturing

Smart Machine Technologies specializes in contract manufacturing done with modern techniques and old fashioned work principles.  We’re not a startup – been at it for over 35 years.
Contract manufacturing – done BIG!
30’ ceilings!
35 ton crane!
Fixture plates as big as your living room
Things like pasteurizers (built or rebuilt),  complete microbreweries, drag chain conveyors, pump skids, dryers, pre-packaged skids with piping, vessels, and instrumentation, tanks and vessels of all sorts.
Contract manufacturing done RIGHT
Laser accuracy measurements and cutting
Certified welders
CNC Machining
Full time qualified quality engineer
3A sanitary, code compliant

Contract manufacturing done ON TIME
                  We agree with our customers on a schedule up front… then we keep it.
Contract manufacturing done to your design, or… we’ll develop and detail your idea for you on 3D CAD.
Consider having your equipment built  with southern hospitality and old school pride in Virginia, heart of the USA.  Check back frequently, we’ll talk about some of the things we’re in to, and how maybe it can help your business.

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